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Canadian players who use Zimpler are guaranteed to find a wide range of impressive bonuses at top online casinos. One common bonus is the match deposit welcome offer – this can be matched for varying amounts and sometimes comes with free spins! Other perks include reloads or further opportunities towards spin-free gaming too; it’s easy enough that anyone could take advantage using these referral links from within their software provider account.

General information about Zimpler

Zimpler is a popular European payment method, primarily operating within Sweden and Finland. The currencies it offers for transactions are SEK or EUR with USD as an option, too!

Details About Zimpler Payment System

Best Bonuses for Zimpler users

The Zimpler payment system is a revolutionary new way of paying your bills. Unlike other methods, you don’t have to connect any credit or bank cards with the authorization process and instead use one simple online platform from where all transactions can be done!

Fees and Commissions

Zimpler does have a fee for transactions through your account. This will depend on the amount of money being transferred and which payment method you choose (to avoid additional costs). The fees can vary significantly, so make sure that any transaction is worth it before executing!

Deposit and Withdrawal Times

Withdrawing money from your casino account is easy, safe and secure with Zimpler. Your deposits will be sent instantly to the recipient of withdrawal, while approved withdrawals can take as little time or longer than it takes for them to send you repayment!

Support work quality

The best way to reach out to customer support at Zimpler is through their FAQ section. You can search and find topics relevant to your issue or chat on Messenger, where they offer friendly service members who are more than happy to answer any question you may have! There’s also a number you should call if need be so that someone could help talk things over in person-we hope this helps.

Mobile Version and Application

Zimpler is the perfect payment option for mobile casinos. You don’t need an app to use; just select “Zimpler” as your casino deposit method and get ready to play!


Zimpler is a new payment option that allows you to pay directly from your card without inputting personal information. The main downside of this method are the fees incurred when using it, but they can be avoided by going through an online provider like Zimpler themselves, who will charge lower rates than those imposed by banks or credit card companies for transactions made on their site alone! This service isn’t widely available just yet, so keep checking back in order to find out if there have been any developments worth noting about mobile casinos accepting withdrawal via simple app.

More Zimpler casinos to choose from

With Zimpler, you can easily and securely make payments online with your preferred payment method. To get started, connect any of the supported currencies to a certain phone number – then visit one of our many trusted casino sites! You’ll be able to access all their features without worrying about security because it’s secured by fingerprint scanning or face recognition technology (depending on the platform used). There are no fees involved when using this service, so there won’t even break the bank if something goes wrong during transactions; plus, we offer protection against fraud too.